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 What are fast filters?
 Does supply from stock?
 Where can i find me a size-chart?
 What's the modus of taking measurements?
 Can I still easily shop by size, or other specific needs?
 Are shipments really free of charge?
 I probably pay a ton for packaging?
 So what is the magic trick?
 How can I pay?
 AfterPay pour les consommateurs Pays Bas
 When will I receive my new treasures?
 Can I collect?
 What if it does’nt fit?
 Is a return-shipment easy to be done?
 Can I return my package by own hands
 How fast do I get my refund?
 Do you refund my shipping costs?
 Do you refund my return-shipping costs?
 Do you always grant the 14 days “cooling off period”?
 Can I swap?
 Is there guarantee?
 Can I copy or store some of this site?
 What is’s history?
 What does that logo sais?
 What's’s base?
 Are the garments indeed made by hand?
 Is knitwear "moth-sensitive"?
 Can I act against moths?
 Is there a meaning in those patterns?
 What wools you use?
 Do you suffer from loose screws?
 What are the knitwear maintenance guidelines?
 Whats the emergency maintenance?

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